Cloud Infinity has partnered with IRIS CARBON® to bring you the best when it comes to AFS conversions.

CIPC has mandated the use of Inline XBRL when submitting Annual Financial Statements from 1st July 2018. We have a cloud-based product which is best suited to meet the CIPC mandate, where companies can prepare their financial reports on IRIS CARBON®  and generate various output files such as Inline XBRL, PDF and Word output files. It is used by filers in the USA, UK, Italy, and Ireland and has been customized for South African filing requirements.

IRIS Business Services, a global XBRL player along with XDS (Xpert Decision Systems Pty Ltd), has been selected by CIPC to build its iXBRL submission platform to receive all South African Inline XBRL documents. CIPC has also used IRIS’s validator on its filing portal. IRIS CARBON® has an inbuilt validator which is built into the CIPC platform which ensures the client can make an error-free filing.

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To ensure that the implementation of the platform is successful, CIPC had already run a pilot project with 120 companies invited to file on this platform. The purpose of the pilot was to test the platform that we have developed for CIPC. The pilot project had already commenced in mid-February 2018.

Over 50% of companies selected our IRIS CARBON® solution to prepare their inline XBRL documents as part of the recently concluded pilot filings phase and all of them have been extremely pleased with their experience.  (Please see what our clients say about XBRL.)

Strategic Alliance Partners

Cloud Infinity is a consulting services company offering solutions to clients in a selected range of skills and competencies.  Underpinning our growth strategy is the forging of alliance partnerships with major companies operating in our chosen target markets.  One such major global IT company is IRIS Business Services, a public company based in Mumbai, India.  Another is ETL Consulting (Pty) Ltd, a multi-disciplinary empowerment company, providing professional services in the civil engineering and project management environment.  One of our clients is CIGFARO, which is the regulatory body for municipal financial and risk officers.  Another alliance company is FUGEN, a fleet management company.  We also have well established relationships with IFU Training Institute (Pty) Ltd offering various accredited training, Jerotec Solutions (Pty) Ltd offering website design, web based and call centre services, PST Traffic International (Pty) Ltd offering integrated traffic solutions and Smartkip (Pty) Ltd that offers a wide range of accredited training programmes which include National Diploma, National Certificates and short courses..  We are in the process of forging an alliance with Nextec, an EOH subsidiary and SA based public company operating in the public sector space.